The Creative Behind The Brand

Made the Way Only Mom Can Make Them

Barhyte Specialty Foods takes great pride in each and every one our delicious products. We try our best to source local, natural ingredients so that each mustard, marinade, or wing sauce we create tastes nothing less than the freshest and most flavorful it can be. Barhyte is also part of the Blue Sky Renewable Energy program; our entire Saucy Mama, Haus Barhyte and Suzie's product lines are manufactured using renewable energy.

The Creative Mind

And just who’s the mastemind of these gourmet creations? Well, it’s our very own "Saucy Mama"- Suzie Barhyte. Suzie spends hours in her kitchen playing with ingredients and coming up with new ideas, and surprisingly, she doesn't work in some scientific lab or a sterile industrial kitchen when she cooks; she plays in a kitchen that's just like yours. It's a home kitchen, so you know you're eating products that are just like something you could create.

It takes a real stickler in the kitchen to make our products this consistently tasty. And that’s mom. She won’t rest until every family member declares her latest taste sensation the most delicious sauce, marinade, cocktail onion, olive, or mustard they’ve ever tasted. And even then she’ll try to make it better.

Below is a short video of the history of our Saucy Mama brand, along with some pictures of the real kitchen where Suzie creates our tasty products!

 A few photo's of Saucy Mama's test kitchen are below. If you're ever in Pendleton, Oregon make sure you stop by and visit. We'll give you a tour!