Press Releases

April 2018 - Barhyte Earns Silver Medal in 2018 World-Wide Mustard Competition

March 2018 - Barhyte Specialty Foods Launches Suzie’s Organic Mayonnaise

January 2018 - Barhyte Specialty Foods Launches Suzie’s Organic Ketchup

December 2017 - Barhyte Specialty Foods’ Team Saucy Mama Dominates World Food Championships

October 2017 - Barhyte Specialty Foods’ Top Brands Nab Two Scovie Awards

June 2017 - Barhyte Specialty Foods Launches Summer of Suzie’s Promotion

June 2017 - Barhyte Specialty Foods Announces Winner of 2017 Recipe Contest 

April 2017 - Barhyte Earns Grand Prize in 2017 World-Wide Mustard Competition

January 2017 - Barhyte Specialty Foods Accepted into Walmart Marketplace

November 2016 - Barhyte Specialty Foods’ Team Saucy Mama Claims Second Place at World Food Championships   

October 2016 -  Barhyte’s Newest Brand Snatches Top Spot at the 2017 Scovie Awards

June 2016 - Barhyte Specialty Foods Launches Taste Domination Wing Sauce Line 

June 2016 - Barhyte Specialty Foods Lands Mega International Retailer Account 

June 2016 - Barhyte Specialty Foods Announces Winner of 2016 Recipe Contest... and a Surprise 

May 2016 - Barhyte Specialty Foods Launches Major Campaign for Suzie’s Organic Mustard Brand 

April 2016 - Barhyte Earns More Honors in 2016 World-Wide Mustard Competition 

March 2016 - Saucy Mama Announces Ultimate 2016 World Food Championships Team

November 2015 - New Flavor Added to Willamette Valley Mini Jar Lineup

October 2015 - Saucy Mama Medium Wing Sauce Distributed at Local Costco Stores 

August 2015 - Suzie's Mustard Line Goes All Organic 

July 2015 - Saucy Mama Debuts New Wing Sauce Flavor 

July 2015 - Saucy Mama Launches Tailgate Cookoff at 2015 Oregon State Fair with Huge Stakes Grand Prize 

June 2015 - Saucy Mama Ready to Spice up FoodFightWrite Blogger’s Summit

June 2015 - Saucy Mama Crowns 2015 Recipe Contest Grand Champion

May 2015- Suzie’s Organic Yellow Mustard Launches at Local Costco Stores

April 2015 - Barhyte Brings Home the Gold in 2015 World-Wide Mustard Competition

April 2015 - Saucy Mama’s 2015 Recipe Contest Named Preferred Qualifier for World Food Championships

January 2015 - Saucy Mama Debuts Spunky New Salad Dressing

January 2015 - Saucy Mama Brings Home Record Number of Medals at Scovie Awards

November 2014 - Saucy Mama Sponsors Home Chefs at 2014 World Food Championships

November 2014 - Saucy Mama Named as Sponsor for First Food Fight Write Conference

October 2014 - Saucy Mama and Chef Brian von Eggers Collaborate at Portland Feast

June 2014 - Barhyte Earns More Hardware in 2014 World-Wide Mustard Competition

May 2014 - Saucy Mama Crowns Grand Champion in 2014 Recipe Contest

April 2014- Saucy Mama Launches 2014 Recipe Contest with High Stakes Grand Prize

March 2014 - Saucy Mama Debuts Three New Wing Sauce Flavors

January 2014 - Barhyte Specialty Foods Launches the F.O.S.I. Awards

January 2014 - Hot Sauces To Stock for the Next Srirachapocalypse

January 2014 -  Barhyte Specialty Foods Re-launches Vintage Haus Barhyte Brand

November 2013- Saucy Mama Brings the Heat at Annual Fiery Food Competition

November 2013 - Saucy Mama adding Zest to World Food Championships

June 2013 - Saucy Mama Launches 5 New Salad Dressings

June 2013 - Barhyte Specialty Foods Takes Home the Gold

May 2013- Mustard for Dessert? Saucy Mama’s Food Blogger Contest Pushes Recipe Creation to the Extreme

January 2013 - Three New Mustards Join the Saucy Mama Mix

January 2013 - Farm-to-Table Yellow Mustard Goes Organic

January 2013 - Suzie's Mustard Label Earns Prestigious Design Award

May 2012 - Barhyte Launches No-Minimum Name Drop Program

April 2012 - Barhyte Specialty Foods Takes Home Three Medals in Worldwide Mustard Competition

March 2012 - Unleash the Mustard- National Corndog Day is Near!

December 2011 - New Homestyle Mustard Takes "Local" to the Extreme

November 2011 - Saucy Mama Strips (Ingredients) Bare

October 2011 - Hot Wing Sauce, Creamy Chipotle Dressing Earn Top Nods from Scovie Awards

August 2011 - Saucy Mama Mustards: 16 Miles from Field to Bottle

July 2011 - The Perfect Gift For Every Saucy Mama on Your List

June 2011 - "Buy Me"! In-StoreDisplay Gets Saucy Mama Treatment

June 2011 - Five Ingredients to Winning $1000

May 2011 - Barhyte, Saucy Mama Receives Top Certification for Exceeding Food Safety Standards

May 2011 - World-Wide Mustard Competition Awards Barhyte, Saucy Mama Gold, Silver Medals

March 2011 - Barhyte Launches "Saucy Mama's Fabulous With Five Recipe Challenge"

October 2010 - Creamy Horseradish Takes the Grand Prize Scovie Award!

October 2010 - Ever Tried a $1000 Appetizer?

August 2010 - Barhyte Launches OSU Contest

June 2010 - New Saucy Mama Marinades with International Flair

June 2010 - Saucy Mama Adds 3 New Mustards

June 2010 - Barhyte Specialty Foods Expands

January 2010 - Saucy Mama Adds Cocktail Sauce

January 2010 - NCAA Tailgate Update

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