10 Mustard Desserts, a Sale and a GIVEAWAY!

1st Aug 2013

Mustard in dessert? That’s right, it CAN work! We received these 10 dessert recipes (links to recipes below), featuring our Saucy Mama mustards from our finalists in Saucy Mama’s Sliced Contest, and w … read more

Chocolate Stout Pretzel Toffee Bars

24th Jul 2013

We always knew our food blogger friends were trendsetters. This “Stout Companions” article from Specialty Foods talks about the hot new combination of beer and sweets…which is exactly what we’re featu … read more

Salted Shortbread Christmas Cookies

1st Dec 2011

Pick a salt, any salt- we dare you! Any one of our flavored gourmet Lords of Salts, that is. Check out this cookie recipe from Eric, out Lords of Salt creator, and add a new treat to your holiday ba … read more