Who's Been Sliced? Entrée Recipes Are Up Next!

16th Jun 2013

After a week of taste testing 25 bacon-filled recipes, we had to “slice” some contestants and push the others through to the next round of Saucy Mama’s Sliced Recipe Contest. It was a complex process, as each recipe really brought something special to the table (literally!). But without further ado, here are the competitors (and their amazing recipes!) that will move forward to the Entrée Round:

Ally – Grilled Summer Party Bread

Brandy – Pork Meatballs with Mango Mustard Dipping Sauce

Brianne – Saucy Mama’s Dill Jalapeño Bacon Poppers

Cathy – Creamy Garlic Mustard-Chicken Sliders with Bacon and Pepperoncini

Christie – BaconNUTS

Emily – Mustard-Braised Bacon Buns with Pickled Radishes

Helena – Potato Bacon Wontons with Saucy Mama Mustard Dipping Sauce

Jennifer – Mustard-Glazed Grilled Chicken BLT Lettuce Cups

Jerry – Candied Bacon Egg Salad on Crispy Wonton Spoons

Lauren – Chicken Bacon Scallion Potstickers

Linda – Garlic Mustard Cheddar Bacon Biscuits

Liz – Bacon Wrapped Dates with Mustard-Greek Yogurt Filling

Rachel – Mini Bacon + Mustard Quiche

Susan – Mustard Glazed Bacon and Kale Stuffed Mushrooms

Tiffany – Chicken Bacon Skewers

And the next secret ingredient that must be used in the entrée recipe is: BEANS.

Ready? Set? Create!