Bringing back the Vintage: Haus Barhyte

11th Mar 2014

Exciting announcement, friends!

After almost a yearlong hiatus, we have re-launched our original, name-claiming line of Haus Barhyte Mustards.

With a fresh new label design featuring gold writing and unique colors for each flavor profile, these mustards demand attention on the store shelf and are the epitome of high quality, gourmet condiments.

Haus Barhyte was the original namesake brand for Barhyte Specialty Foods and was popular among retailers and consumers alike. However, as our company grew and began to focus on the addition of other brands- including Saucy Mama and Willamette Valley- Haus Barhyte became less of a spotlight and was not actively promoted.

After discontinuing the brand, “We received many calls from our end consumers asking about where their favorite mustards had gone. When some of our loyal retailers began asking about the brand too, we realized that the label really was a classic, and we still had a strong following,” said company CEO, Chris Barhyte.

Now we’re proud to unveil the Haus Barhyte brand’s new look, along with the same timeless flavors that you guys have come to love, including Jalapeno Gold, Sweet Hot Stone Ground and Sweet ‘N Sour. Additionally, Haus Barhyte has also presented three new flavor profiles: Smoky Garlic Onion, Spicy Red Jalapeno and Whole Grain Garlic Mustard.

All Haus Barhyte Mustards are available to purchase in our online store for $5 per jar. With National Corndog Day approaching (March 22nd!), you should stock up now- check them out here!