2014 Winter Fancy Food Show Finds

26th Jan 2014

We’re back from yet another Fancy Food Show! This winter show in San Francisco was an exciting one for Barhyte, but we’ll get to our announcements in another post soon :)

As usual, we took a short tour around the convention center (well, not the ENTIRE show…it’s massive!), and we found some fun products to share with you guys. Take a look!

Peanut Butter Company

With flavors ranging from “Mighty Maple” to “The Heat is On”, we were amazed at the variety of Peanut Butter flavors this company had to offer. Although a spicy peanut butter may sound different, it’s probably one of those foods that really just works.

Ayala’s Herbal Water

The light and slightly flavored beverages offered at Ayala’s booth were incredibly delicious and refreshing. Their unique flavors would be perfect for cocktails. Who needs sugary sodas when you can get your hands on these waters and teas?


We’ve tried this Japanese company’s other crunchy cookie/wafer snacks before, but those cute Choco Mushrooms above were too fun not to share!

Sulpice Chocolat

We had the pleasure of being “booth neighbors” with this awesome company and even scored some full samples from the owner, Bill, at the end of the show. This chocolate is some of the creamiest we’ve ever tasted. And it’s PRETTY! Each bar is beautifully swirled with color. Their white chocolate cake batter flavor was the newest addition released at the show.


You’ve all heard of this San Francisco based company, but the samples we tried from their booth (which was close to ours this year!) were delicious. Check out the fun chocolate dipped pretzel sticks above!

Los Chileros de Nuevo Mexico

This booth caught our eye as it was completed dedicated to the Hatch Chili, which isn’t necessarily an ingredient or flavor we’re seeing taking over the foodie world right now. But, it certainly does have its popularity – especially in Texas – and our Saucy Mama Hatch Chili Mustard is one that our customers are loving, too! Check out more pictures from this booth below.

And last, but not least, here are the Specialty Food Association’s top five trends from the show:

1) Sriracha’s Homecoming: everything Sriracha flavored…from popcorn to chocolates to jams!

2) Crunch Time: chips made from anything and everything! We’re talking pasta, quinoa and more…

3) Low-Sugar Sips: beverages with less sugar, including almond milk and semi-sweet cola.

4) Commit to Mint: this flavor is taking center stage in lots of products, including sodas, frozen pops and water.

5) Condiments Dressed Up (our favorite!): basically condiment classics with fancy twists, like herb mayonnaise and truffle ketchup. Of course, we feel like we’ve been “dressed up” for years…so maybe that makes us special ;-)